An Updated Website Requires a Blog Post About It

Though most of my time and effort is spent keeping Birthplace Magazine¬†and The NY Hip Hop Report updated and fresh, so that we are able to tell the stories and show the New York-area hip hop universe the love and respect that it deserves, and that most others don’t, there comes a time when a man must go for dolo and take care of home.

Home never really has been my website, although back in my production/remixing days, I suppose it did serve as a hub for those sorts of things. Still does, even though that’s not really my bag anymore.

(Is that a proper phrase? Not my bag? Who says that? I mean, I know “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” and all. But did that mean a new “thing” or like, a satchel?)

Anyway, so here we are. New-and-improved website (like when some product starts saying they are “new and improved!”… Did that mean the product was previously “old and shitty?”).

Well, mine was old and pretty dull, so hopefully it is now very much actually new and improved. I’ll put updates hopefully, and let you in on some of the personal madness I go through trying to re-landscape the music journalism landscape. It’ll be fun.

Also, I’m trying to start up a few cool things (most immediately and notably, The Friday-Night-At-8-O’Clock-While-You-Get-Ready-To-Go-Out Live Mix), which is really just a set time that I want to practice DJing and let anyone in on it who wants to be in on it.

But, more to come. Thanks for tolerating me. Talk soon, shall we?

Yes. Yes we shall.

(P.S. The image is the logo of a Swedish record label. I have no affiliation with them, it just fit the mood, and since they are a record label, it felt serendipitous.)


  1. Thank you.I thought this was clelad Appetite for Getty Jiggy with it!’Appetite is one of the single that I did not like it at my first listen. I guess it was ahead of me but of course, now, it’s one of my favorite.


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