INTERVIEW: Manny Faces Speaking on His FCC Petition Against Hot 97 on ‘TK in the AM’

TK in the AM - Manny Faces interview

The good people at TK in the AM, the three-times-a-week morning show on, asked me to call in to speak about my recent article Why I Petitioned the FCC To Take Hot 97 Off The Air,” and the accompanying official petition to do so that I filed with the Federal Government.

While the piece laid out my reasoning quite well, I was happy to answer the thoughtful questions posed to me, and provide more perspective as to why I believe this move is important and necessary.

Thanks as always to Tasty Keish, Conscious, OG intern and the entire Bondfire Radio family.

Listen to the entire episode below (I come in at about 42:00 or so)


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