Natasha Diggs on The Manny Faces Show [Interview]

Natasha Diggs Interview on The Manny Faces Show

Natasha Diggs Interview on The Manny Faces ShowFor the inaugural episode of The Manny Faces Show: Conversations with Creatives, I was honored and privileged to sit down with Natasha “The 45 Queen” Diggs for a look at her past, present and future.

This scintillating and skilled DJ has been lighting up venues around New York City and the world, from her home base as a Mobile Mondays All-Star, to the far corners of the globe.

She is an intriguing, interesting, innovative and illustrious member of New York nightlife, and it was a pleasure to get to know her a little bit. I know you’re going to like the interview.

A quick note: You’ll hear me introducing Bondfire Radio, the online network that will be carrying my new show. While the weekend “marathon” mentioned is over, you can still donate to their very worthy cause, to help support quality independent media, like The Manny Faces Show and many other quality programs that they broadcast.

Without further ado, please have a listen to the episode below, and tune in for new episodes every alternating Thursday, beginning September 11 on

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