Brian Coleman (Check The Technique Vol. 2), Carolina Penafiel (Local Project) on The Manny Faces Show

Brian Coleman’s extensive, three volume “Rakim Told Me / Check The Technique” book series tells the behind the scenes stories of some of rap music’s most seminal albums. Iconic albums, many that have crossed into the pop lexicon, and in some cases have become pieces of Americana. Every album, artist and group has a back story, and Brian’s in-depth interviews and perspective are fascinating, for fans and casual listeners alike. While his path, and his methods of compiling these tomes, weren’t always planned to a T, his technique, works.

According to Carolina Penafiel, she knew next to nothing about running a non-profit organization 13 years ago, but that didn’t stop her from developing Local Project, an organization dedicated to providing space, education and support for New York City artists. Through workshops, gallery space, guidance and exhibition curation, Carolina is on the frontlines, protecting an often overlooked and underserved community.

Plus, music from Rachel Brown, who I recently came across, really dug and wanted to share.

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