iLLspokinn on The Manny Faces Show

iLLspokinn interview on The Manny Faces Show

There is nothing more inspirational than seeing someone follow their dream, and achieving it. Most attempt it at some point in their lives, but few truly find a way to eek out a living doing something they love, creating their own lane, following their own rules. For some, maybe it’s just not meant to be. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a respectable 9 to 5, raising a family, perhaps being a weekend warrior when it comes to hobbies and side projects. But we all admire the dreamer that evolves into an achiever.

And then this guy comes along and does it multiple times!

Illspokinn is known to many in the New York City indie music scene as a musician, rapper, band leader, and co-host of the 13-years-and-running live hip hop extravaganza known as Freestyle Mondays. He is a respected facilitator of events, a gifted verbal gymnast, a shrewd businessman and a genuinely cool cat.

He is also a world-travelling artist, having toured Europe on several occasions, including a 6-month-long stint during 2014.

This guy, is all-the-f-over the place, and leaves a trail of musical, magical memories in his wake.

For now, he is back at the helm of the now-monthly live band, impromptu rap battle game show and open mic known as Freestyle Mondays. But how he’s gotten here, where he’s been, and where he plans to go, will inspire you.

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