TK in the AM’s Tasty Keish and Conscious on The Manny Faces Show

TK in the AM - Tasty Keish & Conscious interview

For two years and 313 episodes, these two morning show hosts have held down the flagship program for a Brooklyn-based internet radio network that is set to stand out as a bastion for innovative programming and personality-driven online radio. The show is a ambitious mix of music, talk, humor, seriousness and audience interaction, and while many shows and podcasts attempt such a mix, many fail. TK in the AM does it right. Whether it’s delivering “News you can Use,” or welcoming listeners to air out their grievances, radio and live event veterans Tasty Keish and Conscious are perfecting the art of morning show radio built to entertain, inform and educate.

Along with the rest of the thoughtful, inspiring programming at Bondfire Radio, including The Manny Faces Show, TK and Conscious are giving people three amazing reasons to tune in Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. In this insightful conversation, I find out a lot about the duo, and left with an even greater appreciation for their work and their passion. I think you will too.

Here’s my conversation with TK in the AM’s Tasty Keish and Conscious.

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