Coole High on The Manny Faces Show

Coole High interview - The Manny Faces Show

One of the goals of The Manny Faces Show is to be able to converse with people from many different disciplines. So far, I’ve had amazing conversations with photographers, DJs, singers, philanthropists, filmmakers and folks from many walks of life.

Some of the types of people I still want to talk to are producers, composers, rappers, jazz musicians, event planners, business folks, radio hosts, entrepreneurs, socially conscious artists, and cool cats with deep voices…

Luckily, I know one guy who is all of those.

So, my in-depth conversation with Bondfire Radio co-owner, and long time musician, Coole High, who has just released a new full length project, as well as introduced an innovative way to stay connected with him and his art.

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