ArtBattles’ Sean Bono, Kid Lucky / Nu Voices, Bryan Scheiner from

Bryan Scheiner - TheBeeShine - Kid Lucky - Nu Voices - ArtBattles Sean Bono interview on The Manny Faces Show

Thanks to (or no thanks to) the internet and the availability of technology, it is pretty easy to document things. From cell phone cameras, to blogs, to social media, sharing information has become all too easy, and often, all too unimpressive. In hip hop, the issue can be even more egregious, but luckily, there are some content creators who deliver true gems. Bryan Scheiner didn’t set out to be a documentarian, but through his vast series of video interviews with rap artists and hip hop-affiliated individuals, he has amassed an incredible assortment of history, shining light on many who helped solidify the genre as a bondfide section of Americana.

For years, Kid Lucky has worked to increase the visibility of an expressive artform and the community that embraces it. During those times, he himself has pushed the envelope, and extended the limits of what beatboxing is, and can be. His new project, a hand-picked, 12-member vocal orchestra, will soon grace the stage at the world famous Blue Note Jazz Club, and extend those limits once again. Explaining how his group Nu Voices is thinking outside of the beatbox, here’s Kid Lucky.

One might not typically think of the art world as one that is ripe for competition, yet for over a decade, ArtBattles have proven otherwise. A friendly competition event that pits world class artists against each other in a populated venue, fueled by the attention of the crowd and the music of a DJ, ArtBattles is a truly unique experience. Sean Bono explains how the concept came to be, its importance, and the reasons for its successful longevity.

My conversations with Bryan Scheiner of, Terry “Kid Lucky” Lewis from Nu Voices, and Sean Bono from ArtBattles.