Manny Faces, Guest Co-Host on Legends TV (Video)

Manny Faces Guest Hosting Legends TV

If you’ve been waiting until I added “TV host” to the list of things I do before deciding to give me lots of money, praise or liquor, the wait is over. I’ve been a guest on the weekly variety talk show, Legends TV with Evan Ginzburg a couple of times in the past, and this last episode, Evan gave me the opportunity to host an interview segment myself, as well as to sit “on the couch” for the remainder of the episode.

It was a great show. I interviewed Queens-based progressive rap collective the Karma Kids, who then rocked the Mad House TV studios with an emphatic performance (especially considering it was Noon on a Saturday) along with Warren S. Britt who guested, and then joined myself, co-host Steve Ludwig on the couch to be interviewed by Evan.

Manny Faces on Legends TV

Later, Rick Herrera and Victor Cruz joined the show, to talk about Rick’s one-man show. Victor (not the football one) spoke about his acting career (The Sopranos, among others) and his classes, as well as helping Rick put together his upcoming show.

The show was full of talent and laughter, and I enjoyed my contribution. I urge you to check out the episode below, and tune in to Evan’s show Saturday, live at 11am on