Mr. Green, Rick Herrera, Joi Sanchez on The Manny Faces Show

Mr. Green, Rick Herrera, Joi Sanchez Interviews on The Manny Faces Show

His work as an underground, indie and professional beatsmith has already placed Mr. Green high on the list of respected producers in the hip hop game, but it’s his work alongside his filmmaking partner Sam Lipman-Stern, to create the Live From The Streets series that has gained him exponential visibility, and deservedly so. Live From The Streets, seen on Vice’s music channel, Noisey, finds Mr. Green interviewing and recording music from street musicians throughout the world, finding out their stories, listening to their sounds, then creating hip hop influenced beats and songs from pieces of their creations. It provides a fascinating look at not only how the music is made, but how drawing from the living sounds of humanity is something that truly transcends genres. About to embark on a new season of the show and fresh off of the release of the Live From The Streets album featuring music from the show, things are looking pretty bright for Mr. Green.

Everyone has a story, and comedian / actor / playwright Rick Herrera is bringing his to the public. The Naked Truth, a one-man play Herrera has developed, takes a look at this young man’s upbringing in the housing projects of Brooklyn, giving audience members an inside look at the dynamic of this New York family. Equal parts humorous, dramatic and therapeutic, The Naked Truth is bound to find parallels among those Herrera invites on his ride. Here’s Rick, talking about the difficulties putting together a performance memoir, airing family laundry and… killing babies?

Joi Sanchez does a lot of things. She is a musician, poet, lyricist, artist and businesswoman, but most important, visionary. Joi started the Art LovHer open mic jam session series to create a safe space for artists from all walks of life to feel welcome and comfortable expressing themselves through their talents. Through monthly and yearly events, and a high concentration on highlighting and uplifting women artists, her Art LovHer collective is establishing itself as a gem in the New York City live entertainment universe. Here’s my conversation with Joi Sanchez, as she discusses Art LovHer, being a business woman and loving it all.

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