Mtume Gant and The Grand Affair

Mtume Gant and The Grand Affair - Interviews

While it’s true that you can throw a rock in New York City and hit a talented, artistic genius or three, it still takes a pretty big rock.

Luckily, I seem to have developed the ability to locate indivuduals (and in tonight’s case, also duos) who personify next-to-blow status.

First, Greg’s Beats are hypnotic headnodders, while Anne’s voice is nothing less than enchanting. The Grand Affair is riding the success of their recent EP Organic Love Magic, and are here to talk about life, love and music. And zucchini noodles.

Then, an in-depth talk with the amazing, multi-talented Mtume Gant, writer, director and star of Spit, his first short film that is tearing up the film festival circuit with praises and wins left and right.

Music, movies and motivation, on The Manny Faces Show.