Genesis Be Interview plus The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy

Genesis Be Interview

Genesis Be is a “perfect blend of style and substance.” Her 7th full-length release, “Poli Trap: The Escape Tape” is a masterful work of storytelling, addressing social issues, and showing a little braggadocio on the mic. In other words, everything people love about hip-hop music.

This Hurricane Katrina survivor, who honed her music business chops at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, is raising the bar for today’s resurgent issue-driven hip-hop involvement, both behind and in front of the mic.

My conversation with Genesis Be, followed by a special announcement, by me, about an important new endeavor I am undertaking, that I would love if you checked out.

These conversations, on this very special episode of The Manny Faces Show on Bondfire Radio.