Manny Faces Tapped to Produce Groundbreaking News Podcast Series, News Beat

News Beat podcast, produced by Manny Faces

Hip-hop journalist, producer and lecturer Manny Faces has been tapped by New York-based publishing company Morey Publishing, to produce an informative and entertaining news podcast series, News Beat.

Morey Publishing is the parent company of long-running, alternative news outlet the Long Island Press, which has over the years extensively reported on important issues including police corruption, race relations and discrimination issues, privacy concerns, the growing suburban heroin epidemic and public health crises.

Manny Faces is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of New York hip-hop publication Birthplace Magazine, and founder of The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy, a hip-hop non-profit organization that works to improve public perception of hip-hop music and culture.

News Beat is the inaugural launch of the company’s new podcast and audio division, MP Studios. Manny Faces was chosen to lead the production of News Beat, and supervise production of other, upcoming news-related podcasts expected to roll out in the coming weeks.

News Beat’s initial offering takes “an alternative look at Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, examining how the civil rights icon was so much more that simply the “I Have a Dream” soundbite, which has become known as the cornerstone of his public perception.

Along with Pastor Roger C. Williams of the First Baptist Church of Glen Cove, NY, hip-hop artist Silent Knight, and King’s own words, listeners learn of MLK’s Poor People’s Campaign, which he believed would be his true legacy.

More than likely, it was this that got him killed.”

MP Studios can be followed on Soundcloud, with iTunes / Google podcast subscriptions coming soon.

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