Manny Faces and the News Beat Team Talk About New Podcast Series

News Beat is an innovative new podcast series executive produced, produced and engineered by Manny Faces for MP Studios, a division of long-time publishing and digital marketing company, Morey Publishing.

The episodes take an look at interesting topics in the news — not just current events, but some of the stories behind the stories — and merge journalism, interviews, media clips and music. The episodes are punctuated by hip-hop verses from independent artists that amplify and add yet another unique perspective to each relative topic.

For the Back Beat episodes, the crew behind News Beat go behind the scenes and discuss what went in to the creation of each episode.

For the inaugural Back Beat, Manny Faces and the rest of the News Beat team discuss the reasons for starting the podcast, what they hope the public will get out of it and what they can expect moving forward.

Check out Back Beat Episode 000: Introducing News Beat