Manny Faces Produces News Beat Podcast Season Finale: ‘Why We Riot’

News Beat podcast season finale

News Beat, the groundbreaking podcast that merges investigative journalism, interviews with industry and thought leaders, music, and original hip-hop lyrics, capped off its first year with an extended season finale, “Why We Riot.”

 Read more about the full first season of News Beat here.

The extended episode, produced and hosted by Manny Faces in association with acclaimed journalists Christopher Twarowski and Rashed Mian and distributed through Morey Creative Studios, looks at the historical and current perspectives behind civil uprisings and rebellions, dissecting events such as the Newark 1967 uprising, all the way through the conflicts in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland in recent years.

The episode features interviews with activist, author and professor Dr. Cornel West, activist and former Green Party vice-presidential candidate Rosa Clemente, activist and Newark ’67 witness, Larry Hamm, of Newark-based People’s Organization for Progress and University of Baltimore professor Elizabeth Nix.

For the musical aspect, Manny Faces enlisted long-time collaborator and News Beat Artist-in-Residence, Silent Knight, who contributed powerful lyrics to the episode alongside incredible, original music from his full band, The Band Called FUSE.

Listen to the full episode above. To hear more episodes, visit or subscribe to News Beat from MP Studios wherever you subscribe to your favorite podcasts.