#HipHopInnovates with Manny Faces – Video Series Highlights Hip-Hop Fueled Innovation

In a new video series, Manny Faces spotlights individuals and organizations using hip-hop music and culture in innovative, inspirational, and insightful ways, spreading news about hip-hop “past what’s on the radio.”

The video series, titled “#HipHopInnovates with Manny Faces,” will be published most weekdays to Facebook and YouTube platforms, as well as on the website for The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy, the nonprofit Manny Faces founded in 2015.

“The mission of The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy is to increase public awareness and understanding of hip-hop’s important artistic and cultural contributions, particularly those outside of pure ‘entertainment,'” explains Manny Faces. “Aside from a hand-curated e-newsletter which details a lot of these kinds of stories that don’t always get the attention they should, the video series gives me another opportunity to spread the word.”

Aside from touching on recent news items, the videos will highlight events such as hip-hop-related academic conferences, and will often feature an “artist of the day.”

“Often, we’re led to believe that substantive, compelling hip-hop music is a thing of the past,” says Manny Faces. “For years, I helped prove the opposite was true through my outlets Birthplace Magazine and The NY Hip Hop Report, and I’m excited to have created a new outlet that lets me continue that type of advocacy.”


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