So. It appears I’m on the precipice of a truly exhilarating timeline.

For me, anyway. But I think most would agree.

Aside from the ins and outs of everyday life and work, I have a couple of exciting professional appearances coming up — Speaking, presenting… Nothing I haven’t done before, but still nervewracking… Plus a hectic travel schedule…

Then there’s this one possibility lingering — the kind of thing you have to wait to hear about one way or the other… The kind that studders your breathing when you think of it because of how major an accomplishment it will be when it does happen¬†(that’s me speaking it into existence), or, how crushing it will be if it doesn’t (that’s me still not being very good at trying to speak things into existence)

But all of that really pales with this other thing. The one that is going to be an absolute, unequivocal life-changer.

More on that later.

For those who are playing along at home, Ima try and document these next 40 days a bit.

Since it will likely be among the most challenging, and possibly most rewarding 40 days I’ve ever had to face, I just feel like I should keep track of them. If no one notices or cares, that’s fine, but someone might find it interesting, or better yet, helpful.

Never know.

I’ll explain more as the days come along. But for tonight, I’m just gonna get it started.

Admittedly, I’m not always good with committing to things that must happen at certain intervals — I mean, I’m ok with showering and changing socks and stuff — but still, I’m going to really try to do this every day or night for 39 more days/nights.

Though there might be one day/night I won’t be able to. We’ll see.

In the meantime, tonight I’ll just be plugging away at some writing work (shouts to Brick City Live in Newark, NJ…)

…some audio editing… (shouts to the amazing News Beat podcast)

Trying to clear my plate as much as possible.

Cuz some stuff is about to go down.

Stay tuned.

— Manny