Manny Faces Discusses The State of Journalism and Hip-Hop’s Role on ‘Salaah’s Corner’

Manny Faces - Podcast Interview - Salaah's Corner

Shouts to Salaah Muhammad, who hosts and produces a podcast, “Salaah’s Corner,” which focuses on politics, race, and other social issues. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Salaah for an episode titled “War on Media in a World of Fake News,” in which we discussed the state of mainstream journalism, “fake news” vs “real news,” and also the complicated world of hip-hop journalism — and in my case, how I combine the two. I was able to share my insight having worked for years in the alternative journalism industry, as well as more than a decade of independent hip-hop journalism experience.

Along with a bit of my own history, I discussed:

  • how the “mainstream” media is perceived (“Fake news” vs. “real news”)
  • how those in power seek to sow seeds of media mistrust in order to satisfy their own agendas
  • what people can do to obtain the best version of the truth possible
  • how the unique blend of social justice journalism and hip-hop in the News Beat podcast I work on, shows how “news” can evolve
  • the importance of perspectives from people who have traditionally been ignored or mischaracterized by the rest of the media

Listen to the full episode above, and check out Salaah’s Corner for more great content and interviews.