Manny Faces on the ‘Jaded 80s Baby’ Podcast

Manny Faces on the Jaded 80s Podcast

Happy New Year everyone! I know one day on a man-made calendar doesn’t mean much scientifically, but if there’s anything to humankind’s power of positive thinking, I’m sure 2021 has to be better since nearly every human on the planet is collectively hoping for it.

Just before the end of the year, I was honored to be a guest on the Jaded 80s Baby podcast, to discuss my work advocating for Hip-Hop’s ability to uplift humanity, in areas including education, health & wellness, social justice and more.

It was a great conversation with the host Derek Phifer, and I was particularly proud of how he described the episode:

My guest this week is journalist/hip-hop advocate, Manny Faces, and he just might have managed to convince me that I shouldn’t feel so jaded with the culture and music that I grew up on.

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This was pretty cool to hear. A lot of my work is trying to talk to folks outside of Hip-Hop’s direct cultural sphere, but I also know how important it is to keep the fans and participants of Hip-Hop to know about all the amazing things their music and culture are actually doing — something that’s all too often under-reported.

To get an idea the kinds of things I’m talking about, check out the podcast episode!

And if you think I’d be a good guest for YOUR pod or to speak at your organization or event, hit me up and let’s talk about talking!