[LISTEN] Manny Faces on the ‘Edtech Innovators’ Podcast

Manny Faces on the Edtech Innovators podcast

My latest podcast appearance other than one of my own, had me speaking across the pond as it were, as a guest on the Edtech Innovators podcast, for an episode titled, “Where Hip Hop Meets Education and Technology.”

As many of us already know, the intersection of Hip-Hop and education is a place where innovation has been happening for a long time, and as with everything Hip-Hop, technology is always part of the mix.

I thought it was a great discussion that I hope will inspire listeners of this show to think of Hip-Hop as a viable, proven tool to help educate and inspire young people.

If you think I’d be a good guest for YOUR pod or to speak at your organization or event, hit me up and let’s talk about talking!

And if you enjoy hearing more about the innovative intersections of Hip-Hop with other aspects of society, check out the Hip-Hop Can Save America! podcast, wherever you get your pods.