[LISTEN] Manny Faces on the Minds Like Mine’s Podcast

Manny Faces on the Minds Like Mine's podcast

Many of us love to answer the ago-old question: “When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?”

Unfortunately, a lot of those same folks are starting to wonder when they started to fall OUT of love with Hip-Hop.

As a self-appointed advocate for the ability of Hip-Hop music and culture to uplift humanity and improve society, I am often asked about this.

For fans of a certain age, I promise that the genre still has plenty to offer.

I also think that fans of a certain age are likely intimately aligned with the idea of Hip-Hop ‘culture,’ and that it is our job as cultural ambassadors to not only discuss the musical aspect of the world’s largest youth social movement, but how we as adults can help amplify Hip-Hop’s power to improve the lives of those youth, and their communities.

It’s the general thesis behind my podcast, Hip-Hop Can Save America!, and I was honored to have been asked to appear on the Minds Like Mine’s podcast to discuss all of these things, as well as my own journey as to how exactly I got here.

Some of my recent podcast appearances found me talking with folks not necessarily connected to Hip-Hop culture. Here, I really enjoyed kicking it with fellow Hip-Hop heads, so if you’re a bit jaded by the current state of Hip-Hop, this episode might just be for you.

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And if you enjoy hearing more about the innovative intersections of Hip-Hop with other aspects of society, check out the Hip-Hop Can Save America! podcast, wherever you get your pods.