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#40DaysAnd40Nights #Seventeen – Do The Right (Scary) Thing

Sometimes the “right thing” doesn’t feel good. It can hurt. It can be scary. In some cases, like in mine, your actual life is going to be on the line.

#40DaysAnd40Nights #Twelve – Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

It ain't where you're from. It's where you're at. And where you're going.

#40DaysAnd40Nights #Seven – Never Stop Starting

I've started a lot of things. Birthplace Magazine. The NY Hip Hop Report. The Manny Faces...

#40DaysAnd40Nights #Three – Impostor

You ever hear of “the impostor syndrome?” I don’t know the full definition, but from what...

#40DaysAnd40Nights #Two – Time For Some Action

For the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling pretty good about the timing of things. This...

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Manny Faces - Podcast Interview - Salaah's Corner

Manny Faces Discusses The State of Journalism and Hip-Hop’s Role on ‘Salaah’s Corner’

Manny discussed the state of mainstream journalism, as well as the world of hip-hop journalism, and how the News Beat podcast uniquely tackles social justice issues.

#HipHopInnovates with Manny Faces – Video Series Highlights Hip-Hop Fueled Innovation

A new video series spotlights individuals and organizations using hip-hop music and culture in innovative, inspirational, and insightful ways

Manny Faces Selected as Featured Speaker at RebelCON2018

Manny Faces has been chosen as a featured speaker at a revolutionary tech conference happening...
News Beat podcast season finale

Manny Faces Produces News Beat Podcast Season Finale: ‘Why We Riot’

News Beat, a groundbreaking podcast series melding investigative journalism and original music and lyrics, released its season finale, "Why We Riot." Manny Faces is the executive producer of News Beat.

Manny Faces and the News Beat Team Talk About New Podcast Series

News Beat is an innovative new podcast series executive produced, produced and engineered by Manny...

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