Manny Faces interview on TK in the AM

Manny Faces on TK in the AM Morning Show Discussing Producing New Podcast Series...

Manny Faces was the featured guest on the TK in the AM morning show on Bondfire Radio, out of Brooklyn, New...

Manny Faces and the News Beat Team Talk About New Podcast Series

News Beat is an innovative new podcast series executive produced, produced and engineered by Manny Faces for MP Studios, a division...
Manny Faces radio interview On Point

Manny Faces Speaks on The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy on the On Point Radio...

Visited the On Point radio show, had a great discussion about what we're doing with The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy, as well as some of the plans for our future.

Manny Faces Interview on Bodega Fresh Radio

Manny Faces appeared on the Sunday, August 2, 2015 episode of Bodega Fresh Radio to speak about his work in journalism and hip hop advocacy.
Manny Faces Guest Hosting Legends TV

Manny Faces, Guest Co-Host on Legends TV (Video)

Manny Faces guest hosted Legends TV with Evan Ginzburg, interviewing Queens-based rap collective the Karma Kids, and joining Evan, co-host Steve Ludwig and guests on the couch

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