FORSA radio show interview with Manny Faces

[LISTEN] Manny Faces on The FORSA Show with DJ MD / Marcy DePina on...

Listen as Manny Faces discusses hip-hop music and culture, as well as his work with The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy and the News Beat podcast.
Freestyle Mondays

Manny Faces To Co-Host Freestyle Mondays Gameshow Battle, October 6

Manny Faces to co-host and referee the October edition of Freestyle Mondays, New York's longest running, live-band hip hop battle/jam session. The monthly...
Manny Faces Interview on TK in the AM

Manny Faces Interview on the TK in the AM Morning Show

So, for my birthday (1/31), I was excited to start my special day with special people doing special things, and be a guest on the TK in the AM morning show!
Manny Faces - Podcast Interview - Salaah's Corner

Manny Faces Discusses The State of Journalism and Hip-Hop’s Role on ‘Salaah’s Corner’

Manny discussed the state of mainstream journalism, as well as the world of hip-hop journalism, and how the News Beat podcast uniquely tackles social justice issues.
Manny Faces interview on TK in the AM

Manny Faces on TK in the AM Morning Show Discussing Producing New Podcast Series...

Manny Faces was the featured guest on the TK in the AM morning show on Bondfire Radio, out of Brooklyn, New...

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