Hasan Salaam interview

Hasan Salaam on The Manny Faces Show

Hasan gives a heartfelt look at growing up bi-racial, facing racism from his own family, witnessing police brutality, fighting injustice, his philanthropy, thoughts on Ferguson and more.
Lisa Russell, The Phat Startup

Emmy Winning Filmmaker Lisa Russell + The Phat Startup’s James Lopez on The Manny...

Conversations with Emmy-winning filmmaker Lisa Russell, and James Lopez from tech + entertainment event series org The Phat Startup.
Angela Moyra, Roopa Vasudevan Interviews

Angela Moyra, Roopa Vasudevan on The Manny Faces Show

Singer/songwriter Angela Moyra and artist, educator & researcher Roopa Vasudevan join Manny Faces for fascinating conversations about their current projects. Plus, a partial encore of my very first "conversation," with the illustrious DJ Natasha Diggs.

Brian Coleman (Check The Technique Vol. 2), Carolina Penafiel (Local Project) on The...

Journalist, author and music historian Brian Coleman (Rakim Told Me, Check The Technique Vol. 1&2, and NYC non-profit director Carolina Penafiel. Plus, music by NYC's Rachel Brown.
J57 and Chesney Snow Interview

J57 (Brown Bag AllStars) and Chesney Snow (American Beatbox Championships) on The Manny Faces...

Nearly 10 years ago, a young New York-area suburbanite took a leap of faith to follow his blossoming dreams of becoming...

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