Hi. I’m Manny Faces.

Hip-hop Journalist / Speaker / Researcher
Advocate / Media & Corporate Watchdog
DJ / Producer / Podcaster / Event Host

Hi. I'm Manny Faces.

Hip-Hop Journalist / Public Speaker / Researcher
Advocate / Media & Corporate Watchdog
DJ / Producer / Podcaster / Host (Radio, TV, Event)

I am an award-winning new media journalist, content creator, podcast professional, independent scholar, and public speaker.

Through the years, I have created and helmed several acclaimed online media properties. In 2008, I founded Birthplace Magazine, an online entertainment and lifestyle destination focusing on hip-hop music and culture in the New York metropolitan area. In 2011, I created The NY Hip Hop Report, an online, live talk radio show and podcast which ran through 2014, and re-emerged in 2017 as a weekly Facebook Live broadcast. I also created The Manny Faces Show, a long-form audio magazine podcast that featured conversations with creatives from many different disciplines.

Simultaneously, I presided over dozens of web properties as Director of New Media for digital marketing agency Morey Creative Studios, including its former flagship property, Long Island Press, for which I won several prestigious industry awards.

In late 2015, I founded The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing pubic awareness of hip-hop’s important artistic and cultural contributions.

In 2017, I was chosen to produce a groundbreaking podcast series, News Beat, which blends investigative journalism, progressive issues, music and original hip-hop verses. Since then, we’ve won some pretty big awards.

In 2018, I launched a new podcast series, “Hip-Hop Can Save America!” in which I speak with innovators who are using hip-hop music and culture in inspiring ways across many disciplines, including education, science and technology, politics, theater and more.

And in 2019, I launched Manny Faces Media, an independent content creation firm which specializes in podcast production and audio journalism.

I am also an accomplished DJ/producer/remixer, event/TV/radio host/personality, an outspoken media critic and a die-hard advocate for hip hop music and culture.

I have lectured, conducted workshops and participated in panel discussions at several conferences, colleges and festivals, including A3C Music Festival and Conference (Atlanta), La Place Hip-Hop Culture Center (Paris, France), Spotify x HipHopHacks (NYC)Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival (Hartford, CT), Circle of H.O.P.E. Conference (NYC), Circling the Elements Hip-Hop Conference (Albany, Ga.), Hip-Hop Literacies Conference (NYC), Left Forum (NYC), Bucknell University (PA), Medgar Evers College (NYC), Farmingdale State College (NY) and more.

Lastly, you can also find my work as an arts & culture contributor with the award-winning, Newark, NJ-based publication,

with Manny Faces
Video Series
Weekdays on YouTube & FB

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Combat Jack, Reggie Osse

The Death of Combat Jack

As I reflect on what the passing of hip-hop media powerhouse Combat Jack means to me personally, I recognize that his life, legacy and mission must be remembered, long after the obituaries and outpouring of love on social media fade.

Here are some places you can find my work...


New York Press Association – Best Podcast
Press Club of Long Island – Best Website
New York Music Awards – Best Website
CUNY School of Journalism – Best Website

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The Death of Combat Jack

As I reflect on what the passing of hip-hop media powerhouse Combat Jack means to me personally, I recognize that his life, legacy and mission must be remembered, long after the obituaries and outpouring of love on social media fade.