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Uplift Humanity?

Manny Faces Can Tell You

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Manny Faces is an award-winning journalist, public speaker, podcast professional, DJ, and, if none of that is impressive enough, living kidney donor.

Much of Manny’s work focuses on preserving, protecting, and promoting the ability of Hip Hop music and culture to improve society and uplift humanity -- particularly in areas including education, science and technology, health and wellness, politics and social justice, business and entrepreneurship, the fine arts, and much more. 



Hip Hop Can Hack Everything!
Tech Inspiration From a Culture of Innovation


Hip Hop Can Innovate Your Business!
Inspiration From a Culture of Entrepreneurship

Hip Hop Can Save America!
Solutions From a Culture of Innovation

Still Fighting The Power

Hip Hop’s Evolving Role in the Battle For Social Justice

Bad Raputation: How Media, Corporations & High-Profile Individuals Are Threatening An American Culture

Podcasting to Grow Your Business or Nonprofit

and more...


“We need more talks like that!”

Xavier C.
Conference Attendee

“I could listen to this a thousand times and love it more each time. Such an awesome way to kick off our events!”

Richard A.

BreakbeatCode, Google

You opened my eyes to entirely new perspectives of what Hip Hop means. You gave us a lot of great food for thought that I trust will spur action to look for new ways to tap into Hip Hop going forward.

Keshav Puttaswamy
Partner Director, Microsoft

“Manny uses lessons from Hip Hop culture to inspire innovation across so many disciplines and industries! He's on another level!”

Regan McCoy

Mixtape Museum

“It was so interesting to hear about all of the ways that Hip Hop can be used to create good in the world, particularly in fields that aren’t typically associated with hip hop.”

H.S. Student

Workshop Attendee

“Wow! Loved your talk! Keep on fighting for the underdogs!!”

Lisa M.
Conference Attendee

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