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Interview on 'Unf*cking The Republic'

Hey all. Manny Faces here. When I'm not doing all the Hip Hop things, I'm also an award-winning podcast producer and editor, with my own company, Manny Faces Media.

One of the other shows I work on and often participate in is called "Unf*cking The Republic," a remarkable podcast which looks at the state of this f*cked union, how we got here, and how to fix it -- not from a Hip Hop perspective, like my podcast "Hip-Hop Can Save America!", but through a socio-economic and progressive politics lens.

Which sounds boring, but definitely is not. Also, there are a lot of prallels between our two shows, so, on a recent episode of their "Phone A Friend" series, I joined the host, my old friend Max, for a spirited conversation about why I think Hip Hop can help save the f*cked republic.

For more information on UNFTR, visit

Watch the full interview below or on YouTube.


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